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Creating Genius Code

Even a "dumb" person can be a genius. You just need a little of curiosity.

Creating Genius Code

Today, we're excited to launch Code Genius – a tool designed to help developers be more productive.

Since the launch of Chat GPT, on November 2022, we noticed an interesting pattern – more and more developers were relying on AI to help themself with daily tasks.

So we decided to build a tool that can act as your main pair programming to help our users find answers to their questions – without needing to browse the entire Internet.

How a tool like Code Genius can help in daily tasks?

Code Genius was created by developers to developers. This tool uses AI (Open AI API) to give support to the following common tasks:

  • Start creating an app from scratch:

    You describe in simple words what you would like to create and Code Genius will help you organize the project.

  • Creating unit test code:

    Testing code is important but sometimes we don't have the time to do it.

    Code Genius can generate unit tests from existing code in seconds. Additionally, you have the ability to choose your preferred testing libraries and frameworks.
  • Creating documentation:

    You just need to copy/paste your existing code, and Code Genius will analyze and generate detailed docs for you.

  • Improving Code Performance:

    In a similar fashion, to improve the performance of your code, you only need to paste it and Code Genius will give you clear steps with code examples for you to apply and get better performance.

  • Chat with an expert dev assistant:

    Last but not least, we enable a Code Chat GTP-like agent that will help you with any request you may have. Whenevt is a bug in your code or a question about something in particular the Code Genius agent can help you find the answer to your need.

Explore these features by yourself:

Smart Suggestions

Start using Smart Suggestions and unblock your creativity.

Generate Tests

Explore how you can generate unit tests in seconds with Code Genius

Code Optimization

Improve and boost your code performance with just a few clicks

Docs Generation

Don't waste your time and let Code Genius create great documentation for you.

Chat with a coding expert

Code Genius Chat is like Chat GPT for developers. Try it now!.

Intuitive Chat Experience 

The Code Genius Chat feature enables an interactive user experience that lets you find answers to your questions in a snap. From Typescript and Javascript to Ruby and Go, Code Genius can answer any question regarding any computer science topic.

Code Genius Chat intuitive and smooth interface
Code Genius Chat intuitive and smooth interface

The Code Genius Chat interface is intuitive and accepts any type of query, from SQL queries to AWS, or maybe you would like to know how to fetch data in a React App. We got you cover.

In the following example we could see how the user interacts with Code Genius and type the following:
"How to create a custom hook in React"

AI assistant to help you find answers to your questions
AI assistant to help you find answers to your questions

A better support experience for our users

At any time you need support you can reach out and we are going to do our best to help our users. The mission of Code Genius is to help developers in their daily tasks, allowing them to complete their tasks faster than ever. If you have any questions or feedback about Code Genius, feel free to send us an email.

Go ahead and give it a try!

Don't wait for more to unlock the possibilities Code Genius offers to you.
Go ahead and give it a try. Sign in today and start coding like a true Genius.