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Your AI pair programming

When it comes to code, pair programming is one of the best development practice.

Your AI pair programming

All you need is a good idea. The human mind remains a mystery. But we know something that is true: Curiosity is the engine of the mind, it's the fuel that makes the wheel run.

To make great things we need to start from an idea, and then bisect that into smaller pieces to create the perfect puzzle.

What is pair programming?

Pair programming is an agile software development technique in which two programmers work together at a single computer on the same task. In this collaborative approach, one programmer is the "driver" who actively writes the code, while the other programmer is the "observer" or "navigator" who reviews each line of code being written.

The main features of pair programming are the following:

  • Collaboration
  • Real-time code review
  • Continuous feedback
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Increased productivity

Many teams and big companies, including Google and Facebook, use pair programming in order to be more productive and get all the benefits listed above.

In this context, Code Genius is the Observer and your pair programming buddy.

A pair programming session with two persons and the AI helping each other
A pair programming session with two persons and the AI helping each other

Starting from an idea

The first thing to create something is to have an idea and develop it. Code Genius can help with this. You just need to describe what you want to create and we'll assist you. We'll help you to bring this idea to reality. Consider for example this sentence: "I would like to create an online App where people can interchange objects"

Start from a code idea and develop a plan to make it real!
Start from a code idea and develop a plan to make it real!

Learn more about how you can develop your own ideas using the Code Genius chat.

How to get the most out of it?

When you interact with Code Genius, you can ask for code examples or real implementations based on your requirements. This is great support when you are coding, for example, consider the following:

Code Genius will provide what you ask with code implementation examples and simple explanations of what the code is doing. You can always provide feedback if you would like to change a library and/or the implementation used in the example, Code Genius will react and adjust it's output to give you the desired code.

In this AI era, one thing is certain: AI is here to help in our daily tasks. It can understand natural language and it will provide good results.

If you are a developer in 2023, you can't miss the help of AI for your daily routines, like creating unit tests, code documentation, optimize your code, or fix a bug.

Welcome to the coding era with AI, welcome to Code Genius.